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Buy High Retention YouTube Views

High Quality Youtube Views

250 Manual 100% Retention Views

Should You Buy YouTube Views?

There are many advantages to buy YouTube views. Social proof is the most important. Any video's success depends on the total number of social proof. If a video has a lot of views, other viewers will be curious to watch it as well. If a video doesn't have enough views, people are less interested in watching it. Let's consider the example of two different videos:

  1. Video A has 5,000 views.
  2. Video B has 130 views.

Which video are you going to click on? Yes, the video A has better CTR because it has more views and people think it's more interesting.

Other advantages to buy YouTube Views are:

  • Get a lot of YouTube views very quickly.
  • Obtain a chance for a video to go viral.
  • Get more organic views.
  • Boost your account and its reputation.
  • Get more subscribers, likes, comments and shares organically.
  • Rank a video.
  • Give encouragement of social credibility.
  • Increase your popularity.
  • Buying views is a general practice for many YouTubers. Unfortunately it's not enough to make a good video. You need to boost it with views, likes, comments etc. Buying YouTube views from us gives organic growing for your channel.

    Do Top YouTubers buy views?

    Most people think that only beginners or nobody buy views. The fact is hundreds of thousands YouTubers, including companies, artists and vloggers, celebrities, buy YouTube views for social proof and as a ranking factor. Buying views is a general strategy and many YouTubers use it.

    Are Bought Views are the same?

    Bought views are very different in such factors as geolocation, referral, retention, CTR etc. We don't recommend buying cheap views from bots and click-farms. The affects your views counter but YouTube is able to recognize and drop it shortly. Another risk factor is cheap views are not good for your channel's reputation. The basic rule is to avoid these kinds of views and opt for a service that offers human views, in other words you pay for a real human who actually watches your video.

    Is it illegal?

    Buying YouTube Views is not illegal. There are some ways of getting views are against YouTube's TOS like bot views or tricking people to watch a video. We use 100% safe method to deliver manual views from real people.

    Will my video get deleted/banned if I buy views?

    Your video will not get deleted/banned because of views. The only risk is dropping views if you buy it from cheap providers. YouTube removes videos if they contain illegal content or content against TOS. You should remember that YouTube's Partner Program Policies state, 'Do not employ third party sites and tools to automatically generate artificial subscribers or views.' So, if you are not a partner and not monetize your videos, then buying human views is not against YouTube's TOS.

    Will my channel/account get banned if I buy views?

    Your channel/account will not get banned because of buying views. YouTube ban channels/accounts for illegal content only. It's safe to buy views from a reliable provider.